the beginning

(the conversation with ryan manning that caused olivia to create this blog)

r: you are everything that exists
o: whoa
r: deal with it
o: this will take some getting used to
r: really
o: i mean yeah
everything that exists
r: haha
that has been the scenario all along
o: nobody tells me anything
r: everything is everything else and vice versa
o: am i the hubble space telescope
r: you are absolutely everything
o: a jellyfish
r: haha
o: orange marmalade
r: this is the thing no one is supposed to know
o: this is the thing

r: i am olivia robin tiberio's existential despair
o: existential euphoria
r: yes


onesilentwinter said...

this is great and refreshing.

dandywarhol said...

i absolutely love this (+ ryan's other blog too)

lisa ladehoff said...

you silly motherfuckers, olivia isn't marmalade. i am.

ryan manning said...

ultimately life-affirming

Ishmael said...

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